Safety & Security Vulnerabilities Disclosure

Cloud Tutor 360 is fully committed to preserving your safety and privacy when you use our platform. This is why we implement the latest security protocols on our web and mobile app against any form of vulnerability.

We welcome reports from our community of skilled users on possible security vulnerability issues and we encourage them to submit the report via Cloud Tutor security support email as soon as possible.

Caution: avoid any form of malicious activity in your attempt to report a bug or vulnerability threat!

Disclosure Guidelines

Ensure that no vulnerability is disclosed to a third party. Report all vulnerabilities via the support email at as soon as possible.

The vulnerability must be verifiable by our security team. Hence, report should contain instructions on how to reproduce the vulnerability, demonstration of the vulnerability, and an email for us to contact you.

Cloud Tutor 360 will recognize vulnerability alerts that are authentic as accessed by our security team and the reporter will be rewarded.