Code of Conduct

As a corporate organization, Cloud Tutor 360 is under obligation to conduct their business in compliance with certain regulations and bylaws. And we remain committed to helping users on our platform to act in accordance to our core values - Trust and Respect.

The aim of this code is to guide the conduct of users as they use our platform. Breaching this code (as listed below) invites the appropriate disciplinary penalty as in our violation policy.

  • I agree to maintain all ethical standards
  • I agree to act with integrity
  • I agree not to share my personal contact information
  • I agree to accept only projects that I have the capacity to deliver
  • I agree to accepting payments only after delivering my services
  • I agree not to discuss or receive payments outside the platform
  • I agree not to work outside the Cloud Tutor 360 platform. If I, in any event, was asked to work outside the Cloud Tutor 360 platform, I agree to report the case immediately
  • I agree that all personal information that I provide are valid and authentic
  • I agree to respecting the rights of other users
  • I agree not  to bully, discriminate, or harass other users
  • I agree not to breach the confidentiality of other users
  • I am accountable for any content I post on the platform
  • I agree not to post contents that are offensive, damaging, and violates any law, rights, or regulation
  • Except authorized by Cloud Tutor, I will not disclose any confidential or private information
  • I agree not to transfer or exchange funds on the platform illegally
  • I agree not to create multiple accounts or engage in any other form of fraudulent act
  • I agree to contacting clients and fellow tutors/freelancers only through the platform features
  • I agree not to spam or advertise my website on the platform
  • I agree not to underbid to avoid charges

For further clarification about the contents of this code of conduct or for guidelines on the appropriate procedure to tender your request, contact the Cloud Tutor support team