How It Works


What is your specific academic need?

Search for Tutors

The Cloud Tutor 360 portal is a hub for freelancer tutors, teacher and professors, as well as private tutoring companies where you will get an extensive list of tutors that are experienced in several subjects and courses.

  • Post Tutor Request

    Specify the area or category where you need online academic assistance. Request for a tutor and potential tutors will reach back to you, bidding to offer their services.

  • Request Processing

    Cloud Tutor advanced search feature will analyze your request and match you with a list of recommended tutors for you to select one that is a perfect match for your academic need.

Hire a Tutor

Your request will prompt biddings from different tutors related to your search so that you can hire one that is your favorite.

  • Check Tutor Profile

    View profiles of highlighted tutors; check portfolio, rating, background experience and more to make a well-informed choice.

  • Review Bid

    Evaluate the received proposals. Screen multiple tutors and check tutor’s profile before making the selection and decision.

  • Interview Your Choice Tutor

    Read reviews, check portfolios and certificates, and then chat up your finalist with your requirements to make a contract decision.

    Do Not share your personal contact information.

Pay the Tutor

Students or parents will have to approve all completed projects and milestones once satisfied with the service received, and then approve the payment for our secure payment system to pay the freelancer or tutor.

Payments depend entirely on the agreed condition with the tutor; either at the end of the session or upon completion of set goals or milestone.

Cloud Tutor 360 only releases payments approved by students or parents. All transactions are secured and highly encrypted for optimum safety. And you can access all your transaction history through our efficient reporting system.


Do you have the necessary skill and experience, with a passion to impart knowledge? Cloud Tutor 360 is a virtual community to build your portfolio.

  • Get Started

    Create your profile with a professional profile picture. Specify your field, skill, expertise, course(s) of interest, and go through the account verification process. Cloud Tutor 360 is open to teachers, tutors, lecturers, professors, freelancer instructors, private tutor companies, and education enterprises.

  • Find Clients

    Tons of individuals are available on Cloud Tutor looking for online learning opportunities for a wide range of categories, including 1st grade - 12th grade, colleges, SATS & PSCATS test preparations, Essays tips, project work, certification and Business training, and special categories like skill training and classes, and yoga sessions.

    Do Not share your personal contact information!
  • Get Hired

    As an online tutor or freelance instructor, you will easily find students that fall within your field or skill. Browse through posted requests, submit your proposal, and respond to invitations. You can bid for jobs too; by hours, scope, milestone, or as a fixed project.

  • Get Paid

    Cloud Tutor ensures that you are rewarded for your time and energy. The success of your work is based on the delivery of set assignments and milestones. And you can receive payments through direct deposit, PayPal, or any other payment outlet of your choice that we offer.

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