About Us

Cloud Tutor 360 is an emerging innovation in technology that offers a global cloud platform where students, tutors, and freelancers have the opportunity to interact and collaborate on an educational level. It is a global online academic marketplace that reduces the expensive cost of tutor learning and opens the doors for a more affordable online learning with limitless boundaries.

Cloud Tutor 360 is a unique hub for students and tutors where students with an enthusiasm to learn can post project requests in search of qualified tutors, and tutors or certified freelancers that specialize in a wide range of subjects, courses, and skills, can offer tutoring services from anywhere across the globe with live video sessions.

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The freelancers on Cloud Tutor 360 will work with students of all levels and categories that need help with homework, classwork, test preparation, concept learning, language learning, business and nursing training, certifications, and even school and project work. Offering engaging one-on-one online live video learning classes to improve students academically.

You can schedule your online Live class whichever way that suits you. If it is a project work, agree on the price with the freelancer Tutor and the period the project work should take.

Our Mission

Cloud Tutor was established to eliminate the inconveniences faced by most students and individuals in finding online learning opportunities at a cost that is pocket friendly.

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective and affordable cloud learning platform with limitless boundaries, connecting qualified tutors to students and individuals with a need to learn and improve themselves.

Our Team

The Cloud Tutor 360 team is devoted to one goal – to enhance online learning through a global virtual platform where students from anywhere in the world can request the services of tutors by posting project requests on the platform, and interested tutors or freelancers across the globe can respond by bidding for the project without any boundaries.

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